The Commission

The Public Agency for housing in Nunatsiavut

the commission


Our vision is for every Inuk to have adequate housing that fits their needs in Nunatsiavut. The Nunatsiavut Housing Commission may acquire, construct, develop, maintain, manage and supply housing in Nunatsiavut for Inuit families and individuals. The Commission is specifically mandated to establish and administer programs and to acquire, construct, develop, maintain, manage and supply housing in Nunatsiavut for Inuit, Inuit households and Inuit families who are members of a vulnerable group.

the commission


We are a Public Agency of the Nunatsiavut Government, created by an Act of the Nunatsiavut Assembly. We are accountable to the Nunatsiavut Beneficiaries by way of regular reporting in the Assembly and the delivery of an Annual Report on our activities and spending. The NHC exists at an arm’s length from the core business of government with the sole focus to build and provide housing and housing programs within Nunatsiavut, governed by a Board of Commissioners.

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Bylaws & Policies

The Nunatsiavut Housing Commission has Bylaws and Policies that govern all programs and activities. By-Laws exist to help inform Board Members and staff of their duties and responsibilities based on the specifics in the Housing Act. The purpose of policies, meanwhile, is to document the operating processes governing housing for everyone. These apply to everyone involved with the NHC, including tenants and program applicants and govern how programs function. Our policies are broken into three categories based on different housing types (social, affordable, and market).

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Annual Reports

The Nunatsiavut Housing Commission is required by Inuit Law to deliver an Annual Report every year in the Nunatsiavut Assembly through the First Minister, the Minister responsible for Housing. Annual Reports include details on the programs, activities, and spending of the Commission on an annual basis. They are a useful tool for capturing a snapshot of work completed and undertaken within a fiscal year, the overall fiscal performance of the Commission, and the operational successes and challenges.

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Latest News

02 · 16 · 2024

Affordable Rental Housing in Nain

Nunatsiavut Housing offers Affordable Rentals in Rigolet/Hopedale. Apply for three-bedroom units. Contact Amber Vincent for details.

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11 · 17 · 2022

Nunatsiavut Housing Commission officially established

Today marks a momentous achievement for all Labrador Inuit--the launch of the Nunatsiavut Housing Commission, the new Public Agency for Housing in Nunatsiavut.

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11 · 17 · 2022

Tune In To Listen To The Director of Housing

It is time to tune in and listen to the Director of Housing as they discuss the exciting launch of the new Nunatsiavut Housing Commission. This is a major event and an important step forward in addressing the housing needs of the Inuit community.

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