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Bylaws & Policies

The Nunatsiavut Housing Commission has Bylaws and Policies that govern all programs and activities. By-Laws exist to help inform Board Members and staff of their duties and responsibilities based on the specifics in the Housing Act. The purpose of policies, meanwhile, is to document the operating processes governing housing for everyone. These apply to everyone involved with the NHC, including tenants and program applicants and govern how programs function. Our policies are broken into three categories based on different housing types (social, affordable, and market).

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Affordable Rental Program

This policy governs the Affordable Rental Program, from eligibility, to rental amounts, to the application process and tenant selection.

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Amendment of Policy

This policy sets out how the NHC may amend any of the policies set out here, when an amendment comes into effect, and the notice requirements for tenants in the event of an amendment that impacts their tenancy.

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Above and beyond policy #24, this policy sets out how firearm ownership is to be approached and managed to encourage hunting while ensuring the safety of all.

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Storage of Dangerous Goods

This policy governs how fuel and firearms are to be stored, the approval process, and implications for violations of the policy. This policy also sets out the very serious implications if illegal substances are being produced in NHC units.

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This policy governs pet ownership in NHC units. There are limitations and conditions on pets in NHC units, such as the type of animals allowed, the number of pets in the unit, pet care responsibility, etc.

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Sheds and Other Accessory Structures

This policy governs whether tenants of our various programs can construct additional structures on NHC property, and if so, the approval process and the guidelines for the structure construction and specifications.

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Home Based Business

This policy governs whether tenants may own and operate a home-based business in a social or affordable housing unit, and the process for requesting permission from the NHC, and the conditions that must be met and maintained by the tenant.

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Home Repair Program

This policy governs the Home Repair program we offer to market housing, from who is eligible to apply, to the eligible repairs covered, to the application process, approval and rejection of applicants, and the appeal process.

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Temporarily Vacating a Home or Unit

This policy sets out tenant obligations if leaving the unit for a short period to avoid damage. This policy also governs the process for tenants who leave on longer term periods for approved reasons to assign their unit temporarily and maintain their lease with the approval of the NHC.

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End/Termination of Occupancy

A tenancy can end for a number of reasons, either by the tenant or the landlord. This policy sets out the various means and methods of termination and the notice requirements for both parties, as well as the inspection processes, expectations for how the unit is left when vacating, and damage deposit return process, if required.

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Annual Occupancy Renewal

Every tenant in NHC social housing must review their occupancy agreement with the landlord every year. This policy sets out this process, what documents may be needed at the time of renewal, and the signing of a renewal form.

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Occupancy–Change of Circumstances

Life circumstances can change, and the NHC wants to ensure that in the event of the death of the leaseholder or a separation that the implications on your tenancy are clear. This policy sets out what the steps are if your family circumstances undergo a change.

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Housing Maintenance Responsibilities

Different types of housing come with different tenant maintenance responsibilities and expectations. This policy sets out what you as the tenant can expect to be responsible for in your unit, and what your landlord is responsible for.

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Occupancy Rental Arrears and Eviction

Eviction will always be a last resort; however, in the case where the policies are not followed, a tenant may face an eviction. The eviction process is tightly controlled and governed by this policy. Every tenant should understand their rights and obligations and familiarize themselves with this policy.

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Appeals of Housing Program Decisions

Any unsuccessful applicant can appeal the decision in writing by following the process laid out in this policy.This policy governs the appeals process and the steps each party must take and when.

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Occupancy Fees

How rent is calculated and collected, the arrangements the NHC can make to ensure rent collection is done in a timely and convenient manner, methods of rent payment, and the process for rental rate increases are all governed by this policy.

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This policy governs who can be eligible for programs, how we assess eligibility, and the process governing eligibility of Non-Beneficiaries for programs.

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Services and Utilities

Depending on the type of housing (Social, affordable, or market) the responsibility for utilities and services will vary. This policy governs what the NHC is responsible for depending on the type of housing.

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Housing Criteria for Applicants

The NHC may consider many factors in assigning housing or program funding. This policy sets out the evaluation criteria that may be considered and the procedure for assigning applicants a score to assist in the allocation decision.

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Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest is a situation in which a person has a private or personal interest large enough to appear to influence the outcome. This policy applies to every decision we take.

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Housing Application Process

This policy governs the general process for submission of applications, how they are to be handled by NHC staff upon receipt, and the various means through which one can apply.

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Ownership, Exchange and Transfer

This policy provides details on who owns the properties we operate, restrictions on transfers of title, and how this impacts occupant selection, subletting, and exchange of homes.

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Housing Database

This policy sets out the requirement for the NHC to maintain a master wait list for all those who apply for support and how the waitlist is to be managed.

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Housing Application Renewal

As housing supply is limited, one may be on the waitlist for a significant period of time for a rental unit. This policy governs how the NHC should update and maintain the wait list, and communicate with those waiting to renew applications as needed.

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Occupancy Standards

We strive to match available units to the size of the family that will best fit the number of bedrooms in the home while taking into consideration the ages, status, and gender identities of all members of the family unit. This is modelled after the Canadian National Occupancy Standards, which is outlined in this policy.

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Notification of Selection of Applicants

When a housing assignment is made, whether for a rental unit or a program, every applicant will be notified, regardless of whether they were successful or unsuccessful, with details of next steps. This policy governs that process.

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