Affordable Rental Housing in Nain

Affordable Rental Housing in Nain
Affordable Rental Housing in Nain

The Nunatsiavut Housing Commission offers Affordable Rental Housing in Rigolet and Hopedale, targeting low and fixed-income Inuit households, especially seniors, youth, and those facing challenges. Applications for three-bedroom units at 37 and 39 Harmony Road in Nain are open until March 12, 2024. While open to all, preference is given to those aligning with program demographics. Click the image below for details. Contact Amber Vincent, the Housing Clerk, for more information.




February 14, 2024

For Immediate Release


Affordable Rental Housing in Nain


The Nunatsiavut Housing Commission offers the Affordable Rental Program within the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Area in recognition of the need of households with low and fixed incomes for flexible rental housing with fixed costs and utility supports. The target demographics of this program are Inuit who are low and moderate-income, and especially seniors (ages 55+), youth (ages 18-30), families, and individuals who can live independently, and/or those living with, or at risk of, homelessness, disabilities, violence at home, and/or are facing the separation of children due to an inadequate housing assessment.

The NHC is now accepting applications for the following properties:


  • 37 Harmony Road in Nain (3 Bedroom)
  • 39 Harmony Road in Nain (3 Bedroom)


Anyone may apply for these units; however, demand will exceed supply of available housing and an application in not a guarantee of assignment. Selection of successful applicants will follow the NHC policies, and preference will be given to those who most completely meet the target demographics of the program eligibility. In the event that you are not selected for the above units, you will be added to the NHC waitlist for future availabilities.


The application round for these units is now open, effective immediately upon publication of this notice. Applications will be accepted for 30 days (close date of March 12, 2024 at 11:59 pm). A hard copy of the application form is available at every NG and DHSD office front desk. PDF copies may be obtained by email through the Director of the NHC (contact below). Please indicate the building code listed above of the building(s) you are applying for under question 10.1 of the application.


Applications can be submitted through the following means:

  • Scanned and Emailed to the NHC Housing Clerk at;
  • Mailed to P.O. Box 70, 25 Ikajuktauvik Road, Nain, NL, A0P 1L0 Attention Amer Vincent – NHC Housing Clerk (postdated to the deadline, anything mailed afterwards will not be accepted for this particular call);
  • By Fax to 1-709-922-2863. Attention Amber Vincent – NHC Housing Clerk


For more information, please contact:

Amber Vincent, Housing Clerk of the Nunatsiavut Housing Commission


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