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annual reports

2023 NHC Annual Report

The first annual report is expected to be released in late 2023.

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    Latest News

    02 · 16 · 2024

    Affordable Rental Housing in Nain

    Nunatsiavut Housing offers Affordable Rentals in Rigolet/Hopedale. Apply for three-bedroom units. Contact Amber Vincent for details.

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    11 · 17 · 2022

    Nunatsiavut Housing Commission officially established

    Today marks a momentous achievement for all Labrador Inuit--the launch of the Nunatsiavut Housing Commission, the new Public Agency for Housing in Nunatsiavut.

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    11 · 17 · 2022

    Tune In To Listen To The Director of Housing

    It is time to tune in and listen to the Director of Housing as they discuss the exciting launch of the new Nunatsiavut Housing Commission. This is a major event and an important step forward in addressing the housing needs of the Inuit community.

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