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Eligibility Requirements For Our Programs

Eligibility for our programs varies as each program is meant to address a different housing need. If you are not eligible for one program, you may be eligible for others, so we encourage you to check in regularly and read through the applications for more information. Every application will specify who is eligible and give information on the required supporting documents or forms we need to assess your eligibility. If in doubt, simply ask staff! 


For our Home Repair Program, only those Beneficiaries in the Land Claims Area who own their own home and are not renting can be considered. This program requires income disclosure in the form of a Notice of Assessment from the CRA for all those permanent residents in the home under the age of 65, even if you have no source of income. This program is cost-shared depending on the level of household income reported, so you must submit disclosure to be assessed.


Everyone is eligible for our Affordable Rental Program, however demand will exceed supply of available units and we therefore need to prioritize units towards those who most exactly fit our target demographic. Specifically, the target demographics of this program are Inuit who are low and moderate-income, and especially seniors (55+), youth, families, and individuals who can live independently, and/or those living with or at risk of homelessness, disabilities, violence at home, and/or are facing the separation of children due to an inadequate housing assessment.

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How to Apply

Applications can be submitted through multiple means, and we want to ensure we work with you to make the process as smooth as possible. If you need support, contact local NHC staff or the head office. Applications can be submitted online here or through the mail, by fax, or by email. The exact submission contact details are on each form. For full instructions, make sure you read through carefully and ask for help if needed.


Latest News

02 · 16 · 2024

Affordable Rental Housing in Nain

Nunatsiavut Housing offers Affordable Rentals in Rigolet/Hopedale. Apply for three-bedroom units. Contact Amber Vincent for details.

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11 · 17 · 2022

Nunatsiavut Housing Commission officially established

Today marks a momentous achievement for all Labrador Inuit--the launch of the Nunatsiavut Housing Commission, the new Public Agency for Housing in Nunatsiavut.

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11 · 17 · 2022

Tune In To Listen To The Director of Housing

It is time to tune in and listen to the Director of Housing as they discuss the exciting launch of the new Nunatsiavut Housing Commission. This is a major event and an important step forward in addressing the housing needs of the Inuit community.

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